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For 23 years Setpoint has shown the world how much fun engineers can really have! Setpoint has helped to implement Lean manufacturing into some of the most exciting industries in the world. Thrilling amusement park rides? Check. High powered ammunition equipment? Check. Exotic automobiles? Check. Don’t worry though, we work in boring industries too. Setpoint is the leader in lean automation equipment for manufacturing companies who need to assemble, test, or inspect their products. For over 20 years, Setpoint has focused on lean production equipment for manufacturing companies using the Toyota Production System methodology. Setpoint may have been born in a public library but it now thrives in over 70,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art industrial space dedicated to bringing our customers’ projects to life.


Setpoint was founded by Joe Cornwell and Joe VanDenBerghe in a public library in 1992. “The Joes,” as they are affectionately known, wanted to build a company that was more than just another engineering house. Based on failures with a previous employer, they were determined to build Setpoint on a strict project management foundation. The Joes wanted their company to maintain a continuous understanding of where it stood in relation to its customers’ budget. Not only did they want to know where they stood but they wanted every employee to understand where the company stood on its projects. They recruited Joe Knight (another Joe!) to design and implement an open book finance program that has revolutionized project management. This new project management and open book finance program took on a life of its own and is still a key component to Setpoint’s success today. Each week, the entire staff is debriefed on the company’s progress with its projects. To date, Setpoint has been involved in a wide array of industries – auto, aerospace, ammunition, medical devices, entertainment and more.


Over the years we’ve done a few things that other people think are cool enough to tell the world:

  • Inc. Magazine 500 fastest growing companies
  • Inc. Magazine article on most innovative companies
  • Recognized as one of Utah's fastest growing companies
  • Named Utah Manufacturer of the World
  • Two books published by Harvard Business Review, Project Management for Profit and Financial Intelligence


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