Ammunition Case Manufacturing Equipment

The ammunition industry supply chain is broken.  If you produce ammunition, then you will be able to take control of your supply and affordably produce your own rifle brass ammunition cases with Setpoint's new lean ammunition case manufacturing equipment. Setpoint's case cell is able to change from one caliber to another in under 30 minutes per machine; this give you the ability to better meet the demands of all of your low volume, high variety calibers.

Brass Case Manufacturing Equipment

A Few Benefits of Setpoint's Case Cell:

  • Short lead time: call for current lead times
  • Low labor requirements with high machine uptime
  • Quick Changeover Capability: better meet the market demands
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Robust Repeatable Processes deliver the highest quality case


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How Setpoint's Machines Produce the Highest Quality Cases

  • Holds very tight sidewall variation, making the rest of the case very concentric. Sidewall variation is held between .001" and .0015", which is nearly half the tolerances currently found in the industry's best match grade cartridge case.

Custom Headstamps

  • Ensure stringent quality control methods are used to monitor the quality of the product through each of the manufacturing processes.
  • Ability to quickly change between calibers, allowing you to better meet changes in customer demands.
  • Produce custom head stamps for your cases.
  • Incorporates induction annealing, which gives the cartridge brass the consistency required for increased reloading opportunities.
  • Proudly designed and built in the USA.


Match-grade cartridge cases are currently considered the industry quality standard. Match-grade is typically designated by inspecting the quality after manufacturing. With the improvements Setpoint has developed and applied to the lean case manufacturing equipment, match-grade cartridge cases will be the standard ouput.

History of Setpoint Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment

ATK Case Line

Setpoint was commissioned by the US Military to develop the new cartridge case manufacturing equipment for the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP). Over a one year period Setpoint developed modern cartridge case manufacturing equipment using the latest technologies available to the manufacturing industry. Then over a two year period, manufactured and installed 13 case cells, for a total of 39 individual machines.

Setpoint has taken lessons learned from the LCAAP project and refined each process to consistently manufacture brass cartridge cases to an even higher quality standard than current Mil-Std.  Continue reading on our blog

Article of the Week

From The Setpoint Blog

Lean Ammunition Manufacturing Part II 

Today's brass case factories operate on the principles of traditional mass production techniques developed in the early 1900's. Setpoint has designed a brass case "U" shaped cell that has many benefits, much like the automotive industry saw in the 1980's.

Learn more about the revolution.  Continue reading on our blog


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