Project Management: The Balance of Time and Money

One of the main tasks of the project manager is to track the overall progress and profitability of the project by the total hours and cost of goods charged to the project compared to what…

Starting Up a New Machine

Troubleshooting is just that, looking for the problem and going step by step to find out what is causing the problem. Each machine is unique and different, sizes and ranges of voltage can differ as…

Lean Systems and Waste Elimination

Waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase the profitability of any business. Processes either add value or they add waste to the production of a good or service.

Lean Automation vs. Not Lean

A look at lean automation vs not lean in a manufacturing operation. A look at SMED, Poka-Yokes, Self Diagnostics, Footprint, Portability, Access for Maintenance, Process Flow, Reducing WIP & Inventory, Visual Workspace & Ergonomics.