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Setpoint White Papers

Setpoint has written a series of white papers designed to provide the skills needed to incorporate lean automation, project management, and problem solving skills into your organization. If you have any questions or comments please call us at 801-621-4117.

Toyota’s 14 Steps To Becoming Lean

There are 14 basic principles that Toyota has followed to help them achieve their goals of being lean. Each principle fits within four basic categories of Philosophy, Process, People & Partners, and Problem Solving.

Toyotas 14 Steps To Becoming Lean

Theory Of Constraints In Project Management

In finding the constraint in manufacturing lines or any task there is a five-step improvement process that exposes these constraints. Using the ideas from Robert Newbold in his book Project Management in the Fast Lane: Applying the Theory of Constraints Setpoint takes a look at how to apply the Theory of Constraints.

Download our Theory Of Constraints In Project Management White Paper

Solving Problems Through Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is not as hard as you thought it was. Using the one or more of the 40 TRIZ principles can help get those creative juices flowing and have resulted in large companies like 3M & Disney finding new solutions to their problems.

Download our Solving Problems Through Creative Thinking White Paper

Project Management Strategies

Since our beginning, Setpoint has given careful thought to project management and its effect on employees, budgets, and schedules.  From this consideration, we have created a tracking system that is the most important tool that contributes to the company’s success. This white paper discusses our practical financial analysis approach and tracking database system that enables weekly project tracking that keeps us on top of our projects financially and by schedule.

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Lean Thinking Doing More With Less

Setpoint discusses the 5 key principles to guide your actions in becoming lean and doing more with less.

Download our Lean Thinking Doing More With Less White Paper

Lean Methods For High-variety Low-volume Industries

Implement lean thinking in high- or low-volume industries by eliminating wastes and making changes to the process by focusing on what adds value to a product or offering.

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Growing Industries

No one can predict the business future accurately and we don’t profess to, but what we can do at Setpoint is make our best guess based on experience. In this white paper we take a look at growing trends in five industries – automation, energy, recycling, electronics, and transportation.

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Faking Financial Intelligence

Are you financially savvy? If someone asked what EBITDA is, would you be able to answer? Setpoint’s CFO, Joe Knight, talks about one of the ways we can solve the problem of financial illiteracy.

Download our Faking Financial Intelligence White Paper

Disruptive Technology

In the history of disruptive technology, technology that has none or few of the characteristics of existing technology, you can see where it often takes industry leaders by surprise and in many cases, causes their downfall. Setpoint defines disruptive technology and provides a few examples of its effect on industry in the recent past. We also offer ideas for surviving disruptive technology.

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Adapting The Addie Model

Are you busy but looking for a way to make your documentation and training better so it meets your audience’s needs? Setpoint offers some tips from one of our vendors on how to adapt the ADDIE model to your projects.

Download our Adapting The Addie Model White Paper