Being the “mother” at Setpoint

I’m not sure I like the title of Mother at Setpoint. I guess because then I am the oldest female working here. Aside from that it has its advantages. Sitting at the front desk and being in charge of the candy dish people come to my desk often. So while they are there they will tell me about their family and what they did over the weekend or what their plans are for a vacation. I know most of their family and now I can ask how they are doing. Most people like to talk about their family and so it’s been fun to get to know them in a more personal way. Being the mother of 4 children it’s a natural thing for me to get involved in all the employees personal lives.

I think being older and having raised a family sometimes people will come to you with questions and ask for advice or some input on a situation. Just watching them with their kids makes me smile to see what good parents we have at Setpoint. They are all striving to become great parents.

Being the mother also means that you see the kitchen and think that someone will clean that mess up but after a couple of days and it is still there you just clean it up because it’s easier than finding out who made the mess and will I ever find out who did it? Probably not. Whenever we have a Setpoint party it seems that the girls always seem to get the clean up job so I do have some help there.

My job at Setpoint is to hand out the checks so it’s kind of like allowance that a mother will give her kids. So everyone likes to see me coming when I have checks that’s always a plus.

I like my job at Setpoint and it is my family away from home since we spend a lot of time at work. There is a special bond and we are all concerned about everyone else. Last year my husband lost his job and everyone was so concerned about me I knew that if I needed anything they would be there for me.