A Day in Purchasing

A normal day in the purchasing department consists of many different tasks and in order to maintain accuracy they all must be followed.  From getting quotes to the actual order process there are many steps involved which seem to all be equally important.  It is so easy for me to skip some of the steps if I’m in a hurry or get interrupted.  When these crucial steps are overlooked I always regret it later because I can’t retrace my steps when an error or question arises.

One of our main focuses at Setpoint has been to make the lean transformation and cut out as much waste as possible in our daily tasks and ongoing projects.  Purchasing is a huge part of Setpoint’s business so to cut out wastes is a huge deal and any savings that I can generate automatically goes to the bottom line as profit.  It’s a huge task that I want to achieve success at;  therefore I’m always thinking and looking at ways to change what I do to make it more efficient and achieve the same, if not better, results with myself, Setpoint, the vendor, and my customers being satisfied.

In the past five years that I have been in this department I have seen some dramatic changes for the better but I know it can still be better and leaner.  Success has yet to be achieved and that is my ongoing ultimate goal.