Financial Bailout

The following YouTube is my quick take on the financial crisis.  I think that a lot of the problems in our financial system come from a lack of understanding of the numbers.  I find this problem throughout the country when I am training.  We do not train our managers in business how to read financials.  The media makes it worse by feeding the fear with dire predictions and misinformation.

I am trying to explain how this financial crisis happened and why the solution will probably work.  On the other hand if the wide spread panic continues, we may be in for a rough ride.  We need to calm down and let the system correct…it will.

Also, if you get a chance read my book Financial Intelligence, it will give you a nice background on how to read the statements and what to look for in a company’s financials.  For you entrepreneurs, we just introduced Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs.

It was too long for one video so be sure to catch both part 1 & part 2.

Part 2: