Focusing on What is Really Important

As a part of my continued training in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills I found that I really wanted to understand what the people coming to our website were doing and if the information was relevant to their searches.  In seeking help in understanding Google Analytics, yes I am like the majority of the other companies out there I love my free analytics, I found a class offered where the teachers are certified through Google so I signed up.

When I first started looking at the analytics of our website I thought that I wanted as many visitors to my site as possible because then I was more likely to get a lead.  That ended up being completely wrong.  I was looking for quantity and not quality, which is odd because the culture here at Setpoint is all about the quality of time and not quantity of time spent on a project.  Slowly I began editing the site and streamlining it to make it more relevant, my visitors did decrease but the percentage of people who found us irrelevant also decreased.  Plus, added bonus, I started getting better leads.

So after taking out the extra stuff off my website and focusing on what we do, now our volume of traffic is down but those who are coming are actually finding what they are looking for, which is great!  I learned a lot from the class that I signed up for.  They walked all the way through the program and showed us different ways we could view the data, filters we could set up like taking out the people here at work.  Because really, do I care how long one of our engineers spend on our website?  No, not really, they aren’t going to buy anything.