A Fresh Look at Lean Systems

I have always been amazed at the steps taken by Setpoint to create an innovative atmosphere.  Pioneering ideas have kept Setpoint in business while similar companies have proven unsuccessful.  With innovative thoughts always on the forefront, essential changes are typical here.  Lean systems were the motivation behind the latest change of revamping the receiving process.

Our current receiving process involves on-or-before deadlines from vendors and scads of steps.  You may think it’s harmless but we have seen that as parts trickle in valuable assembly time is wasted.  There is a lot of waste (MUDA) when parts are used to assemble only to stop before it is complete because not all of the parts have been received.  To solve this first issue we have moved to a just-in-time system with our deadlines on Thursday so all receiving can be done and parts are ready to assemble first thing Monday morning.

The second issue will require time to refine.  In order to lean down and streamline our receiving process we required fresh eyes.  It was time to educate and diversify our engineers by training all in the art of receiving.  Subsequently, this proposal was received with several grumbles but has become a great asset in understanding various facets of our company.

Lean thinking is a part of the Setpoint way.  Although engineer induced part discrepancies are inevitable, we feel this is a resourceful way to refine our process and increase productivity.