Gratitude: the State of Being Grateful, Having Appreciation and Thankfulness

In our current economic state with two continuing wars and the pressures of day to day life, it is easy to forget how truly blessed we are to live in the United states of America, or even to be a part of the modern day world with its modern conveniences.

While “here” is not perfect, we have opportunities to solve problems, and to come out better in the end.  We have talented people working on problems, but more importantly finding solutions and providing breakthroughs to further build upon.  The human knowledgebase grows exponentially each day; opinions and new points of views can be shared, discussed, researched, and collaborated on with mere keystrokes using the power of the internet.

From the M.I.T. breakthroughs on batteries allowing quicker charge times, to power distribution partners such as IBM and their Smart Grid Technologies allowing the transmission of power, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, or geothermal, from remote renewable production sites to the consumers.

It is not whether we can recover from the challenges we face today, but rather when we recover that is the only unanswered part of the equation.  Perhaps we should just take a moment to be grateful for the things we have, rather than focused on the things we’ve lost or don’t have.