Increasing Efficiency & Decreasing Waste

O.K. so what’s with the steel garbage can with a Setpoint logo and the anti TWIT sign on it?

TWIT is now known around Setpoint as it “Takes What It Takes”.  To help cut costs and be more profitable we have been challenged to look for quicker, faster, better and cheaper ways to accomplish the jobs given to us while still maintaining the level of quality that the customers expect.  The TWIT program was setup to encourage thinking in new or different ways to solve problems that are more efficient and less costly than what they have been done in the past.

In the TWIT program, a time or money saving idea that is implemented is recognized at the weekly Huddle.  Those involoved, what the process was and the benefits are explained to the company.  An item representing the cost savings or process is thrown in the can and a brief description is recorded on the can.  The best part is the excellent green bonus for the employees involved.

In one example, a slide that was specified proved to be too flimsy for the application.  An equivalent slide could not be found with mounting holes that were close.  A redesign of an expensive weldment and other parts in the assembly were needed to accommodate a more robust slide, it Takes What It Takes.  The difference came with the thought, “let’s just make our own slide.”  After some consideration, a slide was built using common off the shelf components and simple customized machined components.  The final configuration worked exceptionally well, was about the price of the original slide, and fit the existing mounting holes configuration so that no other redesign was needed.

Getting things done quicker, faster, better and cheaper will take some thinking outside the TWIT can.  If we can save $$$ by eliminating unnecessary operations or by new or different processes we will be more profitable.  As employees we will also have a nice little boost to our wallet.  Besides, isn’t this how new technology and processes are started…by thinking outside of the TWIT can?

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    Excellent idea for a blog Bryan. You didn’t mention though that you were among the very first to receive a TWIT bonus for some excellent “Anti-TWIT” thinking – which got the rest of us started.

    Appreciate you post. Friends send me a link. It’s very interesting. Subscribed on RSS! Wanna read you more!

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