Keeping up with Technology

Keeping up to date with new technology is the key to any company’s survival.  Even with a niche product or technology, eventually something is going to come along and take that niche away, leaving you behind.

A prime example of this is my former employer.  We had a patented technology we integrated into a product that was way ahead of our competition.  This niche technology took this company from a $300 million dollar company to a multi-billion dollar company in a very short time.

In the fury of trying to keep up with demand for this product, my former employer failed to see or ignored the signs the market was sending.  There was a new technology on the horizon that had the potential to make our product obsolete.  We did develop some new products to complement our new found cash cow, but they were based on the same technology, which was not in the same direction the market was going.

In about the same time it took for us to rise to the top, this new technology we ignored came from behind and took the market from us.  In hindsight everyone could see the writing on the wall, but nobody did anything until it was too late.  Consequently, my former employer is no longer in business.

At Setpoint we are constantly looking for better, faster, and cheaper ways to get things done.  This helps us keep ahead of our competition while improving quality and reliability for our customers.  Setpoint has gained expertise in many technologies that were necessary to complete projects that at first glance seemed impossible.  We are continually evolving, learning new things, and keeping one step ahead of the market – which allows us to find solutions for our customers’ unique requirements.

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