Lean Automation Equipment from Concept to Machine

Being in marketing has its advantages.  I get to watch our engineers work on complex projects every day and since I am the one that puts movies together, I decided it would be cool to watch them go from a clean sheet design through to the machine being assembled by the shop.  When the engineers started working on a concept for a new machine I took pictures every day of the white boards where they were sketching out their designs.  They start here so that they don’t have to keep going back and changing a model in SolidWorks.  Then when they did start to design on the computer, I had the lead designer take a picture every day of the machine.

It was really cool to see the design changes that resulted in a much more compact design than the original idea that they started out with.  After the machine was fully designed I hooked up a camera to take pictures at intervals throughout the day to watch our assembly crew put each component onto the table and see the machine come to life.

This clip takes a machine from concepts on a white board through design and build of a machine.   I hope you enjoy it.