Modular Design Provides Versatility

Several months ago, we talked about the modular H-frame press we developed that allows a dial table to index parts through it.  In our ammunition case manufacturing line, we need to perform high tonnage pressing processes on small brass tubes to create a primer pocket and stamp the head and we need to automatically feed the brass tubes through the press.  Because of the need for extreme consistency in each part we knew a C-frame press would not work due to deformities caused by deflection.  Our pocket and head machine is up and running so we thought we would show you our modular H-frame press in action so you can see  just how they work.

Our pocket and head machine uses two linear actuators powered by a servo motor that provide 20 tons of force each.  Setpoint’s modular press frame allows a dial table to index parts through the press giving us the speed and ease of feeding that is typical of a C-frame press, without the deformities caused by deflection under the heavy load required to press and stamp the brass case.  The result is a case line that produces match grade quality brass every time, no more inspecting for quality level.

Our press is not only for ammunition case manufacturing.  Setpoint is able to utilize this press for any manufacturing application that requires quick feeding, high tonnage pressing and precision made parts.

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    Subject: small arms ammunition production line

    Dear Sir,

    We are interested to buy small arms ammunition production line sizing 7.62mm and 14.5mm, please send your turn key offer including cost for following :-

    1- Technology ?

    2- Know-how ?

    3- Machines ?

    4- Raw materials for 1000.000.00 PCs

    5- Testing machines ?

    6- Worker training ?

    7- Any other required ?

    We wait your offer with full specifications & catalog

    With Best Regard

    Atheer Ibrahim , V. President
    22605 Heslip Drive
    Novi, MI. 48375 – USA
    Tel.: 001-248 347 1237
    Fax: 001-248 347 1737
    Mail: [email protected]

      Atheer, thank you for your comment. A salesperson will be in contact with you shortly to discuss our ammunition equipment in more detail.

    interested in manufacturing ammunition for sale purposes. Any information about your machines and pricing would be appreciated .

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