Testing and Inspection

Electrical Test
Electrical Test

Project details

  • Reduce Floor Space: 54% reduction
  • Reduced Scrap: 84% reduction
  • Decrease Labor Minutes/Unit: 50% reduction
  • Increase Throughput: 33% increase

One of our customers came to us with a need for a non-destructive test and inspection in one machine for a high-volume assembly. They needed an automatic testing process that would still provide a high level of throughput.

Setpoint designed and built a custom solution combining x-ray inspection using RTR (Real Time Radiography) and an electrical test. Parts were processed in a three second cycle time through automated part on and offload, while increasing efficiencies.

The RTR x-ray provides a non-destructive inspection process that inspects for presence of internally nested components. The film-less x-ray images and related data can be archived to DVDs or a network drive for storage and review. A simultaneous non-destructive electrical test ensures compliance of each part.

The entire inspection process takes place in a certified, lead-lined containment cabinet to maintain safety from exposure to x-rays generated in the inspection process. Additionally, the turn-key system is customizable for multiple parts within a family size, ensuring complete assembly and electrical compliance of each individual part.

The resulting system provides a reliable solution with a compact footprint for easy integration into any new or existing process.