Sophisticated & Innovative Automation Controls System Completed

Ogden, Utah, May 2006 – Setpoint Systems Inc. in association with Autoliv’s Tremonton Initiator facility announced the completion of what is being touted as the most sophisticated automation controls system west of the Mississippi.

The controls system is based on Allen Bradley’s Control Logix 5000 with 8 Megabyte of RAM and 4 Operator Interface Terminals.  Each of the 25 independent stations are based on a distributed I/O architecture and linked via 22 Ethernet nodes on 4 Ethernet networks.

The distributed I/O allowed for bench testing of the individual stations before final integration.  This significantly reduced the overall start-up and debug time required to bring the system online.  This approach also allowed for simultaneous programming by multiple controls engineers.

With over 39 simultaneous operations occurring on the machine during each 3 second cycle, a robust controls architecture was key in the success of this project.  Keeping track of 8 automatically loaded components, lot reporting, 19 in process quality validations and over all SPC was no small task and pushed the controls capabilities to the limit.
Some of the key processes being controlled are:

  • 1 Epson SCARA robot for product offload into four options
  • 7 DVT vision systems used for part compliance and process validation
  • 3 Keithley source meters used for product electrical testing
  • 3 CAMCO indexers that rotate the 12 station dial tables
  • 1 Pasadena Scientific Thermal Transient test box
  • 3 AND precision scales which verify the 
  • 2 FillPro Pyrotechnic Weigh and Fill systems are correct
  • 1 Miyachi laser etch system for part lot marking
  • 6 bowl feeders by Custom Feeders
  • 2 Air over oil Tox Presses for crimp operations


With 7 SMC Ethernet Gateways and several AB point I/O nodes connected via Ethernet, over 504 discrete inputs and 344 discrete outputs are being monitored at all times.  A plethora of analog pressure and displacement transducers, proximity sensors, photo- eyes, safety zones and scanning systems were used to provide continuous part and process monitoring and feedback.

To fully understand the scope of this project, Setpoint and Autoliv engineering groups flew to France to view and study an existing machine that basically produced the same product.  The machine’s foot print took up over 1200 sq ft of floor space and required over 4 operators to manage, maintain and operate the machine.

To aid in the development of this system, Setpoint created an electronic solid model simulation of the machine and its combined functions.  This gave both Setpoint and their customer a unique opportunity to look at overall process flow, PFMEA concerns and identify early in the design process any areas of potential constraint.

The new machine delivered to the customer only requires one operator and 250 sq ft of floor space.  All access points were well thought out to provide easy access for maintenance personnel to attend to the machine as needed for any preventive maintenance or repairs during operation. 

Setpoint manufactures and markets automated equipment solutions, used by manufacturers throughout the country, to increase productivity and quality.
Setpoint, has seen significant growth since it was founded in 1992, as is evident by it’s recognition in the 1999 issue of Inc Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in America. Additionally, Setpoint has been included in Utah’s top 100 fastest growing privately held companies. Setpoint was also featured in an article of the September 2001 issue of Inc Magazine, which showcased innovative US companies and Setpoint’s unique open book management style.

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