FinanceDog Launches with Financial IQ Test and Training Modules

Ogden, Utah, October 2009 – Setpoint Systems, an industrial automation systems provider, is pleased to announce a new company, FinanceDog offering individuals and businesses assessment tools and training modules to help managers better understand corporate finance.

The launch of the website coincides with a new study published in the Harvard Business Review this month showing that most managers lack a basic understanding of corporate financial principles.  The article was written by FinanceDog co-founders Karen Berman and Joe Knight.

Visitors to can take a free quiz to help them begin to assess their Financial IQ, or pay to take the Financial IQ Test.  This is the same test administered in a national study FinanceDog commissioned to test 300 managers at companies with 150 or more employees.  The results of the study were that the managers tested scored an average of only 38 percent.

“Taking the Financial IQ test helps people understand which areas of corporate finance they need to bone up on,” said Joe Knight, who along with Karen Berman is co-author of Financial Intelligence: A Manager’s Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Mean published by Harvard Business Press.  “In our collective 25 years of training we have seen that almost everyone—employees, managers and leaders—benefits from a finance refresher. We founded FinanceDog to help people arm themselves with the right tools to better understand financial reports and key indicators.”

Most have been trained on finances, but many of those tested didn’t know the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet.  FinanceDog provides the Financial IQ Test so everyone can assess their understanding of financial principles.  To go along with the test are online training modules to help fill in the gaps in individuals’ financial intelligence.

FinanceDog is a project of Financial Intelligence, LLC.  It was co-founded by Karen Berman and Joe Knight, CFO at Setpoint Systems, Inc., to provide online training to help managers master the financial principles they need to understand to make a difference at their companies. For those who are new to finance or just a little rusty, FinanceDog offers simple, easy to understand training to help people bone up on their financial intelligence. To get started, users can take the free Financial IQ Quiz. Managers who want to know exactly where the holes in their knowledge base are can take the Financial IQ test, compare their scores with the national average and purchase training modules to help them better understand key concepts.

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