Industrial Automation Orders Remain Steady

Ogden, Utah, December 2008 – Setpoint Systems, a lean automation integration firm, is weathering the current economic depression due to the longer cycle time of the projects they have been working on.

In a recent article published by Supply Chain Digest, ARC Advisory Board found that investments in automation are made well in advance and are used for long term growth.  This leads to the conclusion that companies who need automation are still going to pursue it.

Roger Thomas, VP of Operations, said that “Setpoint agrees with the national evaluation” from the article, “here on the regional level we are still seeing the orders being placed and the research being done for new projects.  That doesn’t mean that we’re not being careful.”  Some of the projects Setpoint is working on have been planned for over a year and the companies are still pursuing these projects for the long-term success of their companies.

While some companies may cut benefits during a recession, “we’ve decided not to cut the benefits because having a good employee who is the right fit for the company and the job is a valuable resource.  When you start cutting benefits the commitment from your employees goes down and it becomes harder to find the right people” says Thomas.


About Setpoint:

Setpoint Systems is a lean automation integration firm providing engineering, design, build, and controls experts for turn key custom automated solutions using the Toyota Production System (TPS) methodology.  Since 1992 Setpoint has designed, manufactured, and marketed automated manufacturing equipment to increase productivity and quality for companies in a variety of industries.  Setpoint has developed a methodology and system that mitigates customers’ risk and maximizes the customers’ return on investment.

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