LeanWerks Launch

lwklogo_wordOGDEN, Utah, November 2003
— Setpoint Systems Inc., an industry leader in lean manufacturing automation, today announced the creation of a new division, LeanWërks LLC, to oversee its innovative systems approach to outsource machining for industrial, medical and aerospace manufacturers who require custom-built parts and automation solutions.

“Using Setpoint’s business expertise, we’ve developed a solution to a wasteful manufacturing process,” said LeanWërks president Reid Leland. “We have developed a faster, easier way for our clients to go from art to part, bringing proven, state-of-the-art technology and a thoughtful systems approach to the fast-turn manufacturing market.”

LeanWërks (www.leanwerks.com) offers a way to eliminate a long used, but now unnecessary step in outsource machining. When a company needs a custom-made part for its manufacturing operation, designers create a “virtual solid” of the part, using computer aided drafting software. A second drawing, much like a blueprint, is then created, printed and delivered or sent to a shop where it is used to manually program a machine to make the part. LeanWërks’ system makes the second drawing unnecessary.

“We see this as an opportunity to offer a more efficient process for our customers,” Leland said. “Ninety percent of the information we need to manufacture a part is contained in the first CAD drawing. Why start from scratch and create a line drawing when you don’t have to? Our system allows our customers to email us the virtual sold, instead of sending us a blueprint. We’re helping them use their resources better by eliminating a huge step that isn’t necessary.”

“This is something we have been looking for, a shop that can work with us to help us avoid the tedious nature of making paper drawings,” said Mark Coy, CEO of GSC Inc., a company that has been doing business with Setpoint for eleven years. “LeanWërks will help us bypass a lot of the bureaucratic, intermediate steps. They’re on the leading edge of where machine shops are going.”

The company’s name, LeanWërks, is symbolic of a commitment to two complimentary but often-unattained ideals: lean manufacturing and craftsmanship. Lean manufacturing is a progressive approach to eliminating unnecessary steps from design, assembly and supply chains. Wërk is German for craftsmanship, something Leland wants to see re-infused into manufacturing.

“We chose a name that epitomizes the kind of products we offer,” Leland said. “Mass production took craftsmanship out of manufacturing. Lean production places control in the hands of the people doing the work, relying on flexible systems to produce consistent results and true craftsmanship. At LeanWërks, we feel our commitment to these ideals allows us to provide our customers with superior products.”

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