Setpoint Robotic Welding Services Adds Robot

Ogden, Utah, January 2007 – Setpoint Robotic Welding Services Expands Capacity to Help Address Welding Labor Shortage. As Region’s Only Robotic Welding Contract Fabricator, Setpoint Helps Companies to Realize Cost Reductions While Improving Quality, Profitability and Competitiveness.

Setpoint Robotic Welding Services, an Ogden-based contract manufacturing company, has announced that it has added another state-of-the-art robot to its capacity. The MotoMan HP20 robotic welder is a versatile, high-speed robot that offers superior performance in handling welding, machine tending, packaging, cutting and dispensing applications

This robot, in combination with Setpoint’s automation engineering and operational expertise, will help more U.S. manufacturers improve their quality, profitability and competitiveness by improving weld consistency and dramatically reducing labor and overhead costs through outsourcing their production welding.

According to Praxair, a Fortune 300 industrial gases company, labor and overhead typically account for 80-to-90 percent of the cost associated with producing a weld.  In an industry where the average age of a welder is 54 because skilled welders are leaving roughly twice as fast as they are entering, U.S. manufacturers are in search of solutions that allow them to control costs and improve competitiveness.

Setpoint Robotic Welding Services intends to provide manufacturing companies with some relief by reducing the cost of labor and overhead for jobs where it doesn’t make sense for companies to purchase, program, and maintain a robot themselves. To date, Setpoint Robotic Welding Services is the only contract welding company in the region to primarily use robotic welding to maximize efficiencies for its customers.

Setpoint is uniquely able to combine its ability to design and build automated production systems with its welding capabilities.  The combination helps to greatly reduce labor and overhead costs for U.S. manufacturers while improving their quality and cash flow.

“It’s no secret that welders are scarce and welding costs are rising, but by combining engineering capabilities with the use of robots, we help manufacturers increase margins by accomplishing the same task manual welders can – only more efficiently and with higher quality,” said Joe Cornwell, founder of Setpoint Systems, Inc. “Setpoint’s Robotic Welding Services is a simple solution to a company’s manufacturing cost and quality needs because we eliminate the headaches and inefficiencies associated with manual labor while improving their company’s bottom line.”

Robots are able to weld at a rate up to 20 times faster than manual labor, while improving quality and reducing scrap and rework.  Setpoint has shown that by outsourcing high-volume and repetitious welding tasks to a local welding contractor experienced in automation and robotics, manufacturers can dramatically reduce costs, improve quality and overcome issues related to the shortage of skilled labor.

Setpoint will demonstrate some of its capabilities later this month at the Utah Industrial and Construction Plant Maintenance Tradeshow, which is taking place January 31 through February 1 at the Southtowne Expo Center.  There, Setpoint’s booth will feature the MotoMan HP20 at a portable robotic welding demonstration cell that showcases the new robot and its capabilities first-hand.


About Setpoint:

Setpoint has been improving manufacturing efficiencies since 1992 by designing and building automated production solutions for a variety of industries.

Setpoint employs robotics to improve quality and repeatability while, at the same time, reducing costs. Outsourcing your repetitious and high-volume welding to Setpoint Robotic Welding Services will enable you to grow your business and increase profits.  Avoid incurring the costs and liabilities associated with adding scarce skilled labor or expensive capital equipment and supporting staff.   Reserve your scarce skilled labor resources for, higher-value work and grow your business.

Contact: Joe VanDenBerghe, Setpoint Systems, Inc., 801-621-4117

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