Setpoint Systems Inks Add-on Contract with ATK Small Caliber Systems

New contract will provide the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant with two custom-built ammunition processing machines to be integrated with existing legacy equipment

Ogden, Utah, March 2011 – Setpoint Systems (), a leader in lean automation and assembly automation, recently signed an add-on contract to produce one .50-caliber Primer Unload machine and one .50-caliber Case Mouth Waterproofing machine for the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, operated by ATK Small Caliber Systems.

The .50-caliber Primer Unload machine takes primers from a safepak box and transfers them into position into the loading machine for insertion into the bullet case.

The .50-caliber Case Mouth Waterproofing machine improves the application of waterproofing between the bullet and case interface.

The original contract called for Setpoint to build four .50-caliber Primer Unload and Case Mouth Waterproofing Systems to support the manufacturing of bullet cases.  The Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri produces 1.4 billion rounds of small-caliber ammunition per year.

“This add-on contract lends great validation to our lean automation practices and procedures,” said Clark Carlile, Vice President of sales and marketing at Setpoint Systems. “We are thrilled to provide these additional machines for the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.”

Setpoint Systems incorporates its lean automation procedures to create a custom manufacturing system that will continuously test casing materials for defects before moving on to the next step in the process. If a defect is detected, it automatically rejects the casings and the system provides a detailed analysis of the defect and corrects itself before manufacturing additional casings.

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