Setpoint Encourages Young Engineers

Ogden, Utah, December 2009 – Setpoint Systems, an industrial automation integration firm, recently worked with engineering students at Layton High School as they tested airfoil designs in a wind tunnel.  The students designed their airfoils using 3D Modeling software and then passed the designs on to Setpoint to print a plastic model of each airfoil.



Working with Tim Feltner, a teacher at Layton High School, Setpoint donated stereolithography prints of each of the students’ airfoils. Previously the students carved their airfoils out of Styrofoam and tested them by calculating the lift/drag ratio to determine which airfoil was the most aerodynamic.

After printing the three dimensional designs, Mark Mangum a mechanical engineer at Setpoint, took the printed airfoils to the students for testing.  “Our ability to take a 3D model file and print it out as a real life object has helped Setpoint successfully test prototype concepts for years.  It was great being able to help the engineering students to see their designs come to life with an actual airfoil they can hold in their hands. They can look at the fine camber and smooth curvature they created and say ‘this is my design’ and that knowledge is empowering.”

About Setpoint:

Setpoint provides engineering services specializing in the design, build, and controls programming of turn-key custom automated solutions. Setpoint has more than 17 years of experience designing and building lean automated solutions for a wide range of manufacturers. All of Setpoint’s employees have been trained in the Toyota Production System methodology and have direct experience with some of the most discerning manufacturers practicing lean manufacturing principles today.

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