Top 10 Things you Should Know About Custom Automation

Ogden, Utah, November 2007 – Setpoint Systems, Inc. engineers have highlighted the Top 10 Things you should know about Custom Automation.

The engineers have collaborated to create a comprehensive list that includes items for those beginning down the automation path as well as those who have already started.

It’s a simple fact that manufacturing automation is complex and can be a daunting task when you’re not sure of exactly what you want or need.  When you are automating a task there are things you should know, but do you?  Setpoint routinely works with customers to develop a solution that exactly meets their needs and has seen some of the same misconceptions.

“Sometimes building an automated piece of machinery won’t help improve the overall process.  We like to look at the integration needs of the company as a whole to ensure that the machine adds value to the process,” says Brad Angus, President of Setpoint Systems.  Setpoint, a manufacturing automation firm, just released this list that covers items from part tolerances to technology and maintenance.  Using lean thinking makes the process right for the customer on their projects.


About Setpoint:

Setpoint Systems is a full service automation manufacturing firm providing engineering services specializing in the design, build, and controls programming of turn key custom automated solutions.  Since 1992 Setpoint has designed, manufactured, and marketed automated manufacturing equipment to increase productivity and quality for companies in a variety of industries.  Setpoint has developed a methodology and system that mitigates customers’ risk and maximizes the customers’ return on investment.

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