Review of 4-Day Work Week

 It has been just over one year since we converted from a 5-day work week, to a 4-day work week.  My job was to analyze whether the 4-day work week brought more money to our bottom line.

 Here is what I discovered.  Just by calculating the change in percent direct labor, there was about a 1% increase of direct hours.  This 1% increase went straight to the bottom line.  There was no increase in costs, such as overtime and any additional overhead, by converting to a 4-day work week.  Also, the one thing you can’t measure, employee moral, increased as well.  

 Our employees use that day to make personal appointments, which means missing less work, plan 3-day vacations, and spend more time with their families.  When asked if we wanted to switch back, the answer was a resounding “NO!!”

 Overall, I feel this has been a great decision.  There have not been any negative comments from our customers or our employees.