What it means to be a Setpoint Strategic Partner

By John Lennox-Gentle – L-GA

For many years we at Lennox-Gentle Automation in Golden, Colorado, have held a special relationship with Setpoint Systems of Ogden, Utah, we are a proud Setpoint Systems Strategic Partner.

In our Strategic Partner role we assist Setpoint during their “capacity shortage” periods by providing the Lennox-Gentle Automation teams engineering and manufacturing expertise at special “trade” rates.  This synergistic relationship has certainly profited Lennox-Gentle Automation, and we hope it has also profited Setpoint.

From our first meeting with Setpoint, many years ago we have been impressed with the Setpoint Systems philosophy.  This philosophy sprang from a vision laid out by the Setpoint founding partners.  It is a simple yet profoundly effective outlook.  They just maintain an “open and honest” relationship with their employees, associates, vendors and most important, their customers.   I hail from the “old school” of management which taught us “tell your people (staff and customers) nothing but good news or you will loose them” so the first “open” step I took was more of a “leap of faith” for me.   I threw all cares aside and engaged the Lennox-Gentle Automation team in the Setpoint “open” policy.

My first cautious step was made easier by my main contact with Setpoint, my “Project Manager”, my “Mentor”, and now my dear friend, Roger Thomas.  Roger, with his avuncular attitude, genial manner and inherent wit, places his personal stamp on the relationships he develops with his people, his vendors and his customers.  Rogers’ honesty is contagious, and each member of his team has the same “tell me the full scoop, no filters, no holding back” attitude.  Roger is the epitome of “open”.  Not just by his “open” policy, but also by his “full frontal”, “show it how it is”, “open toga” policy of true, honest project reporting, “pimples, warts and all”.

Working with Roger, Clark, Bob, Ken, John, Scott, Steve, Joe and the rest of the Setpoint team is a joy for us.  Each of their attitudes naturally promotes the entire team to get involved, and this combined energy is focused on the fight with the delinquent project issues, rather than in, the other company, who lull each other into a false sense of accomplishment or security.

I know that Roger and the Setpoint team has our six, they have proved it time and again, and I am sure they know that we have theirs.  We hold no project “secrets”, we share all the project problems, as well as the project progress with the entire Project Team.  (The “Project Team” being the L-GA and Setpoint project staff, company staff, vendors and most important, project customers).

I have now modeled my company on the Setpoint, “open” policy.  I recently remodeled my engineering offices by knocking down all the office physical and psychological walls and was pleasantly surprised how this has positively affected the Lennox-Gentle Automation team morale.

The team members can hear each of the other members’ project interaction with vendors, other team players and customers.  Now there is no need for any “pat each other on the back” meetings, and the progress and “status” meetings have shortened from hours to minutes because of this “open office” and “open policy”.  Team communication is almost subliminal.  We inherently know each others problems so we can be immediately ready to assist with their resolution.

Being a Setpoint Strategic partner means much more to us than sharing a mountain range, albeit when visiting us the Setpoint team retains an odd sense of “direction” as their mountains are in the East.  It is sharing the project responsibilities, sharing the project pains and project glories with a trusted companion who is as eager as you are in bringing it to a successful conclusion.