Setpoint's Project Management Method Part 1

How do you manage projects?  The Setpoint way of project management is different from that of most companies.  We are a project based company and the standard accounting methods of tracking projects does not work for us.  We have seen many competitors go out of business, not because they don’t have good engineers and can make the machines work, but because they are not able to do it profitably.  In the first of five video clips, Joe Knight our CFO will talk about how Setpoint manages projects and what makes our way different from other methods.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I think your way to manage project will be valuable to many small-to-medium-sized manufacturers in china. I want to introduce your way to our MBA students in our school. Unfortunately I could not watch your video because I could not visit Youtube in China. Would you please send me the video via CD? Thanks for your help.

    Best wishes,

    Jun Chen

      Sure we can do that, just send us an email with your shipping address and we can get one out to you.

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