Standardize- The Fourth “S” of the 5 S System

Now that the first three 5S’s (Sort, Straighten, and Shine) have been implemented, the next step is to concentrate on standardizing best practices in your work environment, also known as the Japanese term Seiketsu. This involves creating a consistent approach for carrying out tasks and procedures amongst all employees and departments. Orderliness is the core of standardization.

If the first three steps have been followed correctly then standardization should fall right into place with the help of all involved.  Standardization receives the most success when everyone knows their role and rules of their area and therefore can be involved in the development of these standardized rules because they are valuable for the information they deal with on a day to day basis. In the end, everyone should know exactly what their job responsibilities are and they should know exactly how to perform as well.

This process works very well at Setpoint because we work in a very fast paced and schedule driven environment where we usually can’t afford to lose a day when someone has an unforeseen absence. Therefore by following the 5 S system there is usually someone able to step in and pick up right where the last person left off without having to ask a thousand questions and wasting time looking for parts or tools.