Starting Up a New Machine

First of all, be safe.  There may be a lot of different people working on the same project, so you might finish wiring the panels and pneumatics on the machine that someone else started.  After the machine is complete and before you power up the whole machine, start your check out by pulling all the fuses, circuit breakers and such one at a time.  This way you can check different parts of the machine at different times, which can save you from running into bigger problems.  If you just power up the machine without doing this step and there’s something wired wrong, you could create a problem throughout the entire machine.

When you power up the machine, check the voltage one step at a time by plugging in the fuses and circuit breakers for the area you are checking one by one.  Check each component for their power, check the D/C (direct current) power the same as the A/C (alternating current).  If it doesn’t smoke you did a Good Job!

If it does smoke, look for what smoked.  Look for blown fuses or circuit breakers and such.  Look for incorrect wiring or voltage.  If the problem is found, fix the problem.  If no problem is found it could be a defective part.

Troubleshooting is just that, looking for the problem and going step by step to find out what is causing the problem.  Each machine is unique and different, sizes and ranges of voltage can differ as well as components.