Status Quo or Innovative Technologies

Following the status quo has never pushed people to greatness.  Imagine if things always stayed the same, there would be no iPhones or iPods, no cell phones or pda’s, no electric vehicles or vehicles period.  There is a quote by Marechal Ferdinand Foch a Professor of Strategy that embraces following the status quo and not integrating the innovative technologies in our lives.  He said “airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.”  When I read this statement I think of how the world has changed because of the use of airplanes in the military.  World War I was where they were first used by the military and nations realized they could influence the outcome of a war by using them, World War II followed up using airplanes to drop the atomic bombs that devastated a nation.  Today we wouldn’t think about going to war without the air force and our airplanes.

If you look at the innovations made in the computer industry, I remember using the 3 1/2″ floppy disks that only held 1.2 MB; I thought they were so great because they had the hard case over them unlike the 5 1/4″ floppies.  Then came the Zip Drives followed by recordable CD’s.  Today we can store 32 GB of information on a flash drive that is as small as 2″.

At Setpoint we focus on eliminating the TWIT mentality which means it “Takes What It Takes” because it takes the focus off of being innovative and lets you get away with just going with the flow and following the status quo.  Check out our video on YouTube where Clark talks about it.