What are business websites really good for?

Businesses exist to make money, if we didn’t make money we wouldn’t be around anymore.  In today’s world most businesses have websites to drive traffic to their sites so they can get new customers and thus make money.  We depend on the Internet for information.  If you need a plumber do you pull out the phone book or do you Google it?  It’s so much easier to pull up a company on the web and then pull up reviews of that company to see if you should do business with them.  That’s why it’s so important that every company has a website, even if it is just a basic page with how to contact you and where you are located.

Websites bring new visitors.  When people are searching for your product, do you show up?  If they can’t find you on the Internet they can’t buy from you.  Make your site easy to find and navigate.  Tell people what you do and make it clear and concise.

Websites build credibility.  If you can look at a company’s website and see pictures of their product, examples of prior work, or certifications that they hold it is a first step in building trust.  If you don’t have a website, just a listing in the yellow pages, your visibility goes down and you’ve lost that first step in building trust.

Websites show competency. If you’re selling a product your website should focus on it.  Our website is focused on automation using lean principles.  Because that’s what we sell we have pages on our site talking about it, YouTube videos, White Papers, and of course blogs!  Blogs are a great way to pick a specific part of what you do and talk more about it.

Websites address issues.  The most recent issue that comes to mind is Disney changing the image of Merida from “Brave” where they gave her a smaller waist, took the frizz out of her hair, and changed her eyes.  People got mad and wanted her image changed back.  Without a website you are limited to where you can address the issues that will come up.  Every business has them.  Quick and easy communication with your customers makes a big difference.

Even if your website starts out as just a blog, get it out there.  Get started today, you know what will happen if you don’t… people won’t find you.  But think about what can happen when they do!