Working at the Same Place as Your Husband

When they first talked about having my husband come and work for Setpoint Systems I wasn’t sure how that would work.  Seeing him all day at work and then going home and being with him all night, just seemed weird.  The reason being is when he and I go home a lot of times we will talk about work and things that happened during the day.  Sometimes it would be just to vent or sometimes just to have conversation.

In some ways having him here at work has been nice because we have the same days off. It’s nice having the three day weekend that we can spend together.  I have loved working for Setpoint for that reason and he loves it too.  This summer when we wanted to go camping we could leave early and get a good camping spot, and have an extra long weekend.

I do all the travel for work and he has been going to a customer’s site out of state so I know when he will leave, when he comes home, and where he is staying.  I know that the guys hate to travel so I want to make it as comfortable as I can.  He is MY guy after all.

Working with my husband and working right next to him we actually talk more at work than we do at home.  When he gets home he loves to be out in his shop and so I forget to tell him things.  At work when I see him I remember to tell him things and he does the same.  I was worried about not having our own space, but we have been able to go about our own jobs just fine.

I’m very grateful that both my husband and I have a job.  He has a lot to offer a company and has lot of knowledge in a lot of different areas, so I know that Setpoint will benefit from having him here.  Working with him has been so far a good thing.  (As long as he does what I tell him to do).