Working with Lean Companies

My experiences working with industrial companies over the past fifteen years has aided me in my understanding of the importance of lean manufacturing.  In the early 1990’s overhauling a company to run lean manufacturing practices might not have seemed practical to many.  The cost of upgrading and maintaining such ideas would be enormous and the thought of employees being displaced from their jobs was taboo.  During this period of time the companies that have been unwilling to make the changes necessary to work towards the lean goals were going out like the dinosaurs that they were.  The global economy now demands more.  Competition and profitability are huge factors in what makes a lean business practice essential.

Working for a lean company that provides lean automation is a great thing.  There are always new business theories and practices surfacing.  It’s exciting to work for a company where approval of ideas is asked of everyone.  All financial information is reviewed in a group meeting.  Any of our ideas to better the company and the products are taken in and analyzed.  If an idea is beneficial, everybody involved is rewarded and the company is bettered.  It’s a good feeling to be part of such a team.

Long live the lean!!!